Bellevue Rotary Club learns about the Jackson County Energy District

Last month, Jackson County Energy District Vice-Chair and Bellevue Rotarian and Clean Energy District of Iowa’s Energy District Start Up Coach, Joleen Jansen spoke at Rotary Club Luncheon at Potter’s Mill in Bellevue about the new Jackson County Energy District.

As a part of the non profit’s organization strategy to lead the inclusive, local and clean energy transition the group conducts education awareness activities which help county residents understand millions of dollars leave Jackson County every year to pay for energy costs and our energy consumption is contributing to the climate crisis. The Clean Energy District Movement works to reduce those energy costs by promoting and facilitating energy efficiency efforts and locally owned clean energy generation, like solar pv systems.

Jansen and Hainstock informed the group about effective strategies used in fellow Iowa energy districts, including county wide LED transitions, home energy audits, farm and main street energy planning services, legislator and local leader clean energy tours, school clean education lessons, and facilitating local government zoning reform which reduces barriers for locally owned solar.

The Bellevue Rotary Club positively responded to the presentation. The group which inherently works to build community welcomes the Jackson County Energy District’s green meets green mantra when energy prosperity meets climate stewardship!