Old Holiday Lights? We’ll Take Them!

With the holidays well on their way, ’tis the season for hanging up those pretty wires and bulbs that make every neighborhood sparkle. But what do you do with those lights that are broken, don’t match, or are just taking up space in your basement?

Well, once again the Jackson County Energy District and Friends of Jackson County Conservation are accepting old, outdated, and unwanted Holiday/Christmas lights for recycling. You can drop these old lights off at either of these locations before January 6th, 2023:

1) City of Bellevue, Public Work’s Building, 207 Rose Street, north side of bldg.

2) Hurstville Interpretive Center, 18670 63rd Street, Maquoketa

We also highly recommend replacing any incandescent lights with LEDs, as they last longer and conserve energy, among other benefits.

Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!