Solar Energy Map

This image is neither an exclusive nor exhaustive list of the solar projects and installations in Jackson County

The Jackson County Solar Energy Map is a digital GIS map created by the University of Iowa for the marking and recording of solar energy installations in Jackson County. The pins represent Residential (Orange), Agricultural (Green), Commercial (Red), Non-Profit (Purple), and Public (Gray) installations.

You can follow the link below to see and interact with the Google My Map of solar installations:

This digital map will continue to be updated by the Jackson CED. If you personally own or know of a solar energy array, please reach us at our Contact Us page and share details about it. We’d love to know how much energy your array is producing, and where in the county you’re producing it!

We will not request specific address or name information for sharing on our Google My Maps site unless that information is volunteered for that use. The Jackson CED respects your privacy and will only share what you would like to be publicly accessible.