2020 Plans for Jackson Co. Energy District

Like virtually everyone else in Jackson County, the Jackson Co. Energy district has been impacted by the pandemic. Our plans to assist homeowners and farmers in conducting energy efficiency audits have been postponed. Similarly, our plans to initiate a large-scale drive to grow solar installations in the county have been delayed.  However, we are presently working on a strategy to enable our education workshops to be delivered virtually rather than in a group setting.  Similarly, we are exploring the option of partnering with Midwest Renewable Energy Association to offer a “group buy” option for purchasing and installing solar power in homes, farms, and businesses. The group buy strategy leverages the group’s purchasing power to yield significant cost savings in purchasing systems, while also enabling Jackson County residents to gain a great return on investment in local, renewable energy. 

Should you be interested in installing solar power this year, please reach out to us so that we can allow you an opportunity to participate in our grow-solar initiative.