Porch Light Project Will Reduce Energy Bills

The Jackson Co. Energy District recently initiated Jackson County Porch Light Project, which is designed to transform all current incandescent lights on porches throughout the county to LED bulbs. With approximately 9,000 homes and apartments scattered throughout the county, this represents a great challenge with the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for our county residents over the course of the life of their new LED bulb(s). As a first start, we provided almost 500 light bulbs to Jackson County residents at the KMAQ Farm and Home Show, with the understanding that many of these bulbs will be installed on porches throughout the county.  We are grateful to Maquoketa Municipal Electric Utility and Walmart who provided some of the bulbs that were offered to our community.

If you are interested in participating or supporting the Porch Light Project, please let us know of your interest.  At a minimum, we will be able to swap a new LED bulb for your old incandescent bulb (working or not).