Virtual Solar Tour 2020

Last month, Megan Andresen of the Jackson County Energy District participated in a virtual tour of Jackson County’s solar energy systems and other clean energy uses. The meeting, held on December 10th, was to show community leaders the progress of clean energy installations in the county and inform them about the benefits of clean energy use.

The meeting introduced community leaders to the Jackson County Energy District, our past projects, and our future goals for the county and its constituents. The tour guests were then given a virtual tour of specific locations in Jackson County, ranging from non-profits and private businesses to residences, which had implemented clean energy systems and practices.

The presentation’s focus was on energy efficiency, electric vehicles/charging, and solar power, with the intent of educating our local leaders on the positive economic impacts that come with the clean energy transition. The presentation even took time to highlight some legislative opportunities that the county could make to better enable and expand the clean energy transition in our area.

We at the Jackson County Energy District thank all of the participants and guests at the Virtual Solar Tour for 2020, and hope to see more great improvements made to the communities and representatives of Jackson County in the coming years.